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Mission Statement

To provide our patients with the highest quality multimodal, multidisciplinary, evidence-based, and patient-centered pain management that is fiscally responsible to our patients, insurance partners, and the greater healthcare industry.

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Our Core Values

These core values serve to promote excellence in healthcare delivery and provide the framework for effective patient-centered treatment.

(1) Provide excellent patient-centered healthcare

We strive to provide inclusive and responsive care to patient preferences, religious and cultural beliefs, and healthcare needs to ensure that the patient’s values are integrated into the clinical decision-making process to foster a productive partnership between the patient and our providers. We will continuously evaluate and adapt our approach to patient-centered care via quantitative and qualitative patient satisfaction surveys and provider self-reflection assessments.

(2) Enhance patient access to medical services

We aim to provide expanded access to care in the form of enhanced clinical hours, maintenance of a patient portal for encrypted messaging, and identify future clinical locations based on the perceived need for high-quality pain management care.

(3) Practice evidence-based medicine

Our goal is to make conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of the best clinical evidence in the decision-making process concerning our patients’ care. We will ensure that our providers have ample opportunities to stay abreast of the latest developments in pain medicine by offering protected time to engage in continuing medical education courses.

(4) Deliver financially responsible medical care

We provide care that is cost effective as we have a fiduciary responsibility to our patients, insurance partners, and the healthcare industry as a whole. For our insurance and physician association partners, we will utilize in network referral services, select appropriate generic medications, and perform our interventional services in a fiscally responsible manner.

(5) Promote a collegial and collaborative work environment

We will promote and maintain a collegial and collaborative workplace that fosters patient healing and employee satisfaction. We will be attentive to our staff’s psychological and social needs and empower them to address issues as they deem appropriate. A positive atmosphere is a framework for effective patient-centered treatment and excellence in healthcare delivery.


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