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Leg swelling

Leg swelling or edema is common among people of all age groups. It can occur in any part and area of the leg, feet, ankles, calves, and thighs. The condition can result from fluid buildup or inflammation in diseased or injured tissue and joints. 

If you notice swelling in your leg for no apparent reason, you should definitely seek professional help. If the swelling is accompanied by difficulty in breathing, chest pain, or unreasoned leg pain, call 911 to seek immediately medical attention as it can be a warning sign of a blood clot or a heart condition.

leg swelling

Symptoms of Leg Swelling & Pain

  • Noticeable swelling in the leg area, including feet and ankle
  • Unexplained pain or difficulty walking
  • Unable to perform routine activities of daily living
  • Leg swelling followed by chest pain or difficulty breathing

Causes of Leg Swelling & Pain

The causes of leg swelling and pain can be the result of many factors like injury, prolonged standing or sitting, or no reason at all. The swelling can also indicate serious problems like a blood clot or heart disease. Other problems like fluid buildup or a minor injury can also lead to leg swelling and pain. Most common of these are:

  • Swelling because of fluid retention: Swelling in the leg caused by fluid buildup is known as peripheral edema. A problem with the venous circulation system causes the condition. It is the lymphatic system or kidneys. Leg swelling is not necessarily a sign of a circulation problem. The fluid buildup can be caused because of being overweight, inactive, standing or sitting for a long time, or wearing skin-hugging stockings or jeans. It might sound weird, but wearing tight clothing can cause issues like fluid retention, leading to leg swelling.

  • Swelling related to inflammation: Another reason for leg swelling is inflammation in the leg joints or tissues. The inflammation can be a simple response to injury or disease. It can also be caused because of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory disorders. If the leg swelling is caused by inflammation in leg tissue or joints, you will most likely experience pain along with the unexplained swelling. 


Complications from Leg Swelling

Although leg swelling is a condition where normal injuries or strain can cause swelling to the leg, ankle, and foot area. However, there are some complications associated with the condition that should be taken into the care of. 

The complications can be considered depending on the cause of the swollen leg. One of the most common risk factors associated with leg swelling is infection. Once the skin is stretched when swollen, it tends to get dry. Once the skin gets dry, it becomes more prone to break in and allow germs and harmful bacteria to enter the layer of the tissue. This can also result in cellulitis of the legs, in which a large area of your leg becomes red and hot. It can also lead to high fever. 


Prevention and Treatments for Leg Swelling and Pain

Swollen legs can usually be treated at home with self-medication. Many doctors suggest elevating your legs while applying heat or cold to reduce pain and inflammation. Depending on the cause of the swollen leg, Dr. Przybysz may employ the following:

  • If your leg swelling is due to a blood clot, Dr. Przybysz may prescribe you blood thinning medication to break up the blood clot. 
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 
  • While it doesn’t come to it, Dr. Przybysz may also suggest surgical intervention. 

** Heart medications called calcium channel blockers may worsen the pain and swelling in your legs. Be sure to disclose any and all such medications to us.**


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